Avanan tenant setup

Avanan tenant setup



Adding a new tenant to Avanan is a two step processes that requires a couple days between steps. Avanan requires a brief learning period to prime the AI for detecting phishing and spam.


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Create Tenant in Avanan MSP Portal

Log into the Avanan MSP Portal at https://portal.avanan.net

Select “Manage Tenants” from the left navigation and click the “+ Add” button.

Fill in the information required and click “Add Tenant +” This information is shared with Avanan, so it is recomended that you use contact details that point back to the MSP to avoid any direct contact from Avanan to your customers.

Email Address: We use an alias email address that is created for each client. <client short name>@<our MSP>.com

Tenant: Use the clients short name. This becomes part of the URL that users will use to interact with the service.

Name: Just put your own name here

Phone: Enter the main phone number for your MSP.

Company: Use the correct company name, You will use this to find the tenant in your control panel.

Region: The clients region.

More to come, will document on next tenant creation!!!