Achieving Operational Maturity: A Guide for MSPs

This blog post explores the Operational Maturity Level (OML) framework, a roadmap for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to assess and improve their operational effectiveness. OML categorizes MSP operations into five stages, each representing a distinct level of sophistication, reliability, and consistency. Progressing through these levels translates to greater efficiency, improved client service, and a stronger […]

The Most Compelling Reasons for MSPs to Harness Automation

Are you pondering the advantages of incorporating automation into your Managed Service Provider (MSP) enterprise? Look no further – it’s the ultimate strategy for maintaining your relevance in this rapidly burgeoning field. As an MSP, your primary responsibility revolves around ensuring that your clients’ IT infrastructures operate at peak performance. Your expertise must not only […]

Introducing S.A.M. Stack Alignment Monitor

Through surveying field agents, we have found that cases keep popping up that require a different approach to ensuring the appropriate items are installed on a client-by-client basis. The goal of streamlining all clients to use the same stack isn’t always the best option and we are running into cases where it requires MORE work. […]

Using a Code Signing Certificate on DattoRMM components

Just got a new gadget in the lab. An EV Code Signing Certificate. The certificate is stored in a password protected USB token, effectively enforcing 2FA to sign the code. This makes it easy to identify our known good code with tools like ThreatLocker. Instead of adding countless hashes to a ThreatLocker Policy, we need […]

Playing with Datto’s .cpt files

Datto RMM allows components to be exported as .cpt files. In the help files, you can find some notes that let you know that the cpt file is really just a zip file. In their words, ” packaged as a .cpt file (a proprietary type of .zip file that includes an XML file and possibly additional […]