Display a message to the user noting that we recommend rebooting at least every 14 days. Display the uptime. Reboot if user accepts (We NEVER reboot a users computer without their consent) This component is part of the Daily Tasks.


This component opens a message on the computer stating that a reboot is recommended. If the user clicks OK, an Are You Sure message appears, clicking YES on that one immediately reboots the computer. Clicking no or cancel exits the procedure with no further action.

First we grab the uptime. If it is > 13 days we display the message box to the user. If not we end the procedure. This check is performed because we want to use this procedure on a device filter, and dont want to get stuck in a loop if Datto hasnt updated the device filter after the device reboots.

The message displayed to the user has a Title, which you set in the Component Variables. And a multi-line message. You can set the first line in the Component Variables. The other lines read “Current uptime X days. Please save your work and click OK to reboot now. If this isnt a good time, click Cancel and we will remind you again later”

Clicking No or Cancel ends the component without rebooting.

Component Variable
Message from Q Labs
This text will be used as the message title
Component Variable
We recommend rebooting your computer at least every 14 days.
First line of the message displayed to the user

If this component downloads any external files other then grabbing the script from our repository, they will be listed here so you can do your own due diligence if needed.

No external files downloaded

7/23/2022 – Initial Release