User Onboarding

User Onboarding


User Onboarding is the process of setting up the required accounts for a new user starting at a client. You will likely have a separate SOP per client. It includes creating the records in your documentation and associating the billing rules so the company is billing the correct amount to the client. Once a checklist is complete, it can be built in Autotask and configured to show up automatically in User – Onboarding tickets so technicians don’t forget any steps.

Collecting Data

In order to do the job correctly the first time, we will need accurate information. For smaller clients, this may only be the users full name and contact information. For larger clients we will also need department, which mail groups, or Teams to be added to. There are several ways to allow your clients to share this data with you, here are a couple examples.

  • CloudRadial – Request Service. A user can fill a form which will open a ticket with the correct information included. It can even fire off Microsoft PowerAutomate flows which is a pretty advanced way to do some of the work for you.
  • Microsoft Forms. Create an online form for the manager to fill out.
  • Email a PDF or Excel form to fill out.
  • There are plenty other ways, what do you use?

Creating Accounts Steps

  • Create Contact in Autotask, and associate correct billing items
  • Verify contact synced from Autotask to Documentation
  • Create Mailbox and any Office365 accounts. Purchase licenses if nesseccary
  • Update ticket with starting password
  • Create any AD or Local accounts
  • Add user to Security Awareness Training
  • Send welcome email to user, cc manager
  • Add user to welcome drip campaign
  • If user is to be assigned to a workstation, open a “User Workstation Setup” ticket.