Introducing S.A.M. Stack Alignment Monitor

Through surveying field agents, we have found that cases keep popping up that require a different approach to ensuring the appropriate items are installed on a client-by-client basis. The goal of streamlining all clients to use the same stack isn’t always the best option and we are running into cases where it requires MORE work. […]


Install Quickbooks Premier or Enterprise Version: 1.0 Status: Released Release Date: 9/5/2022 Summary Finally, after years of not being able to script the install of Quickbooks its finally figured out. Quickbooks quietly enabled the ability to silently install Quickbooks in version 2019. We can now script the install for Premier and Enterprise versions 2019 and […]

Install the desktop app Version: 1.0 Status: Testing Release Date: unreleased Summary Download the latest installer for the desktop app and install for all users on a computer. Technical Info The component downloads the the latest installer from this link. More information can be found on’s site. Does have a […]