Workstation Setup

Workstation setup is the process of preparing a computer for deployment at a client’s site. It includes all the work from unboxing to installing the company wide software. The next step is Workstation Deployment where you perform the steps necessary to get a particular user up and running. Workstation setup has three distinct phases. Phase1: […]

Avanan tenant setup

Summary Adding a new tenant to Avanan is a two step processes that requires a couple days between steps. Avanan requires a brief learning period to prime the AI for detecting phishing and spam. TLDR TLDR List will go here a Create Tenant in Avanan MSP Portal Log into the Avanan MSP Portal at […]

Install the desktop app Version: 1.0 Status: Testing Release Date: unreleased Summary Download the latest installer for the desktop app and install for all users on a computer. Technical Info The component downloads the the latest installer from this link. More information can be found on’s site. Does have a […]